The idea behind establishing the Civil Society Support Center (CSSC) stems from the team› unwavering faith in the importance of civil society organizations and their role in building and rehabilitating local communities as a guarantor for stability. Only can the gap in aid, services and rehabilitation be narrowed through a vibrant civil society as these communities gradually move toward societal development, advocacy and governance.

The Civil Society Support Center (CSSC) is an inclusive non-ethnic non-sectarian platform that was founded as a «multi-function hub» that specializes in supporting Civil Society Organizations s(CSO).

The center is a common workspace for organizations and initiatives that are operating in the area, granting them access to various resources that serve and consolidate their capacity to meet the needs of the local community and assume their genuine role in society›s forward momentum.

Work on launching the Civil Society Support Center (CSSC) has been ongoing since the beginning of March 2018. As part of the pre-launch preparatory phase, this report was drafted by the M&E team in order to contribute to the design process of the center’s activity program, which is tailor-made to meet both the needs of the civil community in the area and the center›s objectives.

This report strives to evaluate the overall status of Raqqa›s civil society and personnel while taking into account the cultural particularity of the region and its recent history.